I was born and raised in New York City, a place with too many people crowded into to small an area. I always enjoyed drawing (an escape from the crowds and noise) and considered a career as an industrial designer. Due to a learning disability and lack of opportunities this was a dream that would never happen. I studied math and science and received a degree in engineering from New York Institute of Technology (BSIE). I continued with my drawing but never showed them to anyone nor did I try to learn how to paint. In 1989 while working on a Real Estate deal with Ouida Kennedy an artist in Atlanta I asked her about painting and showed her some of my work. She said I should learn to paint and was willing to teach me. A few years later I won the dogwood international and both local and national galleries started showing my work. My work evolved into a style where I designed irregular canvas with very heavy texture (mainly of found items). The subject matter of many of my paintings where about people with physical, economic or mental (including drug use) disabilities (I am VSA Member Artist and have represented the disabled artists of Georgia in Washington DC, NYC and Atlanta), in addition to painting about my surrounding world.  I have shown in Soho NYC, Swainsboro Ga., Boston Mass and Moultrie Ga. and all points between. Amnesty international has used my work to promote peace and the US government purchased a painting of mine to hang in Federal plaza in NYC (One legged homeless man)..

My world is made up snapshots of what I have done, what I have seen and what I feel. It includes how I view both the past and the present. I am painting now not only for myself but for those that will come after me, to show them my world. Like a picture history book. The difference between what I am doing and either a history book or photos is that my work makes no pretense as to being objective, it is how I feel about my world and is not a balanced account.